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Asheville Mardi Gras Parade - Only One Earth Coalition

On Sunday, February 19, Asheville celebrated Mardi Gras with an Asheville-style parade. I attended to take pictures for my friends in the Only One Earth Coalition who, together with the Brass Your Heart Band, participated in the parade under a banner reading: CLIMATE EMERGENCY: AWAKEN TO THE MAGIC OF ONLY ONE EARTH. It was the best of Asheville: zany, fun, creative, socially-conscious, and peaceful. The real winners were the many children who got more beads than should be legal, candy, trinkets and great entertainment from the costumes, music, and antics of the marchers. My favorite marchers were the dinosaurs in parade. Here are some of the images from this event.

You are invited to identify yourself and comment on the pictures!

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Great photos to show the essence of the event!



Thanks, Pamela, for these great shots!

Only One Earth was the slogan for the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. Over fifty years later, this truth still holds – this planet is our only home.

The Asheville Only One Earth Coalition is an assembly of local groups dedicated to working for peace, justice, and a harmonious relationship with life on Earth. Our common purpose is to be a positive voice and an actor to address the life-threatening and planetary crises we face today.

We welcome groups to join us as we move forward together in envisioning and building a healthier, safer, and more caring present and future for all of humanity’s children and grandchildren.

For more…



Thanks for your good eye and open, warm heart

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