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Ceasefire at Asheville City Council Meeting March 2024

At the Asheville City Council Meeting on March 13, 2024, community members spoke up in favor on a resolution supporting ceasefire in Gaza. The images from that meeting are now available on the Land of the Sky Photography website. Those who spoke were eloquent, factual and impassioned. Others presented at the meeting, who accused those of supporting the ceasefire as being anti-Semitic, even at one point booing to deny the integrity of the speaker who stated that it didn't matter who was committing genocide, that they would speak out because of the seriousness of the violence. The response of city council was disappointing, but not surprising, with the mayor stating that the City Council would not take up this issue. Kim Roney responded by stating that she had signed on to a letter with Local Progress calling for a ceasefire.

Here are pictures from that event of persons speaking out in favor of the resolution as well pictures for the those who showed up and the City Council members. Please feel free to tag or comment regarding those who spoke or the resolution.

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