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War Industry in Asheville: Biltmore Farms and the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners

On December 5, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners met and had a public hearing regarding a request by Biltmore Farms for rezoning of some of their property adjoining the Pratt-Whitney plant that they and Buncombe County, along with millions of dollars of other taxpayer money, had helped to subsidize. The plant produces parts used in bombers flown by the US government and sold to other countries, including Israel, where they are now used in the destruction and genocide in Gaza.

The pictures with this blog are of a protest held on the sidewalk outside the Board of Commissioners prior to and during the hearing. About 80 people showed up to make noise and let the commissioners know that people in their jurisdiction do not approve of tax dollars being used to support the war industry, and do not approve of their government allowing the use of land for the purpose of producing parts for weapons.

The speakers spoke passionately and often eloquently, the power of the words overridden by the power of the longing expressed to live in a just and compassionate society. Sadly, the commissioners had obviously already made up their minds and immediately voted to approve the request.

Also pictured with this blog are images of those who spoke at the hearing. If you recognize your picture or one of a friend, please feel free to tag and make any comments on this post.

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